PeopleSoft Kerberos Authentication (Desktop Single Signon) – PeopleTools 8.55

I am in the middle of a PeopleTools 8.54 to 8.55 upgrade, and I was interested in knowing if Kerberos authentication still works with PT 8.55. As you may know, Oracle does not really support the implementation, but continue to deliver the class files.

The good news is that it still works in PeopleTools 8.55

The only area that has changed slightly is the setting of the JavaVM Options= in the psappsrv.cfg file. This configuration parameter now exists 3 times in this file, so make sure to change the value in the [PSTOOLS] section. I have updated my initial post to reflect this.

Post a comment if you have questions.

6 thoughts on “PeopleSoft Kerberos Authentication (Desktop Single Signon) – PeopleTools 8.55

  1. Does it still work in peoplrools 8.56. We are experiencing issues that it doesn’t work in first click, but works in second click.

  2. Hi Raj, were you able to get Kerberos on 8.56?
    We are getting the same issue. The first click does not work, the second click does.

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